So begins our sweet adventure, which began some years ago.

The love of baking started at a very young age for both of us, Maya from Bulgaria and Paulina from Peru.

We shared experiences in the kitchen, which captivate our palates and devotion for baking and pastries.

One day we decided to merge these two experiences, Latin and European. This happened during the holiday season, when we decided to give our friends and family boxes of cookies that we made as holiday gifts.
We didn’t imagine that they would start calling us to ask where we bought them. They enjoyed them so much that they wanted to give them as gifts to their friends and family.

We were happily surprised by their reaction of our cookies which were made with love, passion and joy. Not only did they ask for more cookies, but now they wanted cakes for birthdays, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries and other special occasions.
This is when we started SWEET HEAVEN and our dream now became a reality. The love, time and dedication we put in each cake, cookie, cupcake and cake pop have one purpose, to reflect our desire and dream which is to completely satisfy our customers.
We want to share this with you, the ones that helped us to make our dream come true, a dream called SWEET HEAVEN. We will always improve our selves with the purpose to make a special day, unforgettable!

“Our goal is to make you happy.”
Paulina and Maya